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Mosaic Arts Online is your source for learning from expert mosaic artists and instructors on a multimedia platform.

Mosaic Arts Online courses can be accessed through the internet anywhere, and at any time. None of the courses are available for download. Each course is designed for students to learn tips and techniques that can be easily accomplished and repeated. These online courses are broken down into sections that make it possible to work "in your own space, at your own pace,” and complete the projects step by step. Each course is taught by an instructor that is the expert in their technique or style.

What makes Mosaic Arts Online unique is that once you purchase a course, it is yours. It will never expire, and you can refer back to any section of the course as often as you like. You no longer need to commit any special instructions to memory. It is like having a virtual instructor by your side 24/7.

In each course, instructors will demonstrate and teach techniques from an over-hands perspective. This provides a clear and detailed view without distractions. Once you complete many of the techniques, you will be ready to get even more creative, and try more ambitious projects. Each course comes with a free promotional video which details what the instructor will be teaching. Each course comes with a PDF for download with recommended tools, materials, and resources.

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“I just found this website, Mosaic Arts Online, through a workshop posting site. I’m about to embark on a hammer and hardie project of which I’ve done before with minimal instruction. I can’t fly to London or Italy or Chicago, but I wanted to know more. Up until now, I’ve just looked at some work and tried to learn that way.
So I searched this site, Mosaic Arts Online, and found an absolutely awesome instructional video ‘Classical Andamento for Modern Mosaic with Anabella Wewer’. You have to buy the online course, but it gives you 100 percent access to look at it over and over as you progress.
As a person who’s only done mosaics for three years at a local art center, this site gives me the ability to access many professionals in areas I want to know more about. When you combine this wonderful site with exceptional artists who share their experiences, and online sites such as this, who knows what might be created.”
-Mary Ellen B. "Classical Andamento for Modern Mosaics with Anabella Wewer".

"WOW! I'm so excited! I'm going to encourage all of my mosaic clients to buy this class! So glad that I found you Tami!"-
Jenny Z
. "SUBSTRATES: Everything you wanted to know and how to create them."

"I am a great admirer of Rachel’s artwork and a rank-beginner mosaicist. I watched the tutorials for this course in less than an hour, and within 24 hours, I was building my own lines, which was pretty thrilling. (A hammer and hardie are really a must-have to complete the lessons.) What I loved about the course is that it bites off one small piece of making mosaics—building a line—so that a beginner like me, with no specialized or classical mosaic training, can enter and start building lines right away. And at the same time, that “small piece” is the whole thing! I feel like Intuitive Andamento contains a lifetime of learning, exploration and discovery. It’s also wonderful to learn this particular form from a master of that form. The next-best thing to taking a class with Rachel, I imagine. The video quality and camera work are excellent. There’s lots of opportunity to watch Rachel cutting with the hammer and hardie."
-Shea S. "Intuitive Andamento with Rachel Sager."