Line, Shape, and Space: Abstract Design for Mosaic with Kelley Knickerbocker

Creating story with line and shape

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Abstract design can be intimidating, and more than a little confusing. Where do we begin? How do we decide where the energy, weight, or balance of an artwork will be when the composition isn’t based on anything in our objective reality? How do we express meaning, emotion, and story with just line, shape, and space?

Mosaic Arts Online presents Kelley Knickerbocker - abstract mosaic artist extraordinaire - to walk us through her unique approach to abstract design for mosaic, and show us how vital good design and composition are for our artworks’ success.

Not only does Kelley answer those - and more - questions with her usual humor and thoroughness, but she defines terms and gives practical examples and exercises for creating simple frameworks of line and shape that can then be brought to rich, complex life by the lush texture, value and rhythm of our mosaic lines.

Keeping the basic principles of art and design close at hand (Kelley shares her favorite design book), as well as the many functions of line and shape in design (handy templates abound), Kelley shows us how to find relationships and stories in basic lines and shapes and how they’re occupying the space they’re in. For example, as soon as you bisect an open space with a line you have created two spaces with a relationship to one another. Will that relationship be tense? Peaceful? Balanced? Competitive? These are the choices you’ll learn to make and exploit in order to most effectively begin conveying an idea or mood.

If you tend to overthink your plan, never fear; Kelley has a couple of fun exercises to give you something unexpected to respond to and keep spontaneity alive in your compositions. And as Kelley lays out an effective technique for bridging representational and non-objective design, you may be surprised to find you’ve already been venturing into abstract!

After sharing all the details of her abstract design philosophy, Kelley builds a small abstract mosaic, talking through each decision and technique along the way.

This course will show you a clear, fun, fascinating path into the abstract design realm. Whether you’re ready to take big steps or small, you’ll be taking them with confidence.

Included in this course is a PDF for download with a list of supplies, resources, and practical templates.

"I’m loving this course so much! In my own work, I often start with a pretty clear idea of what I want the finished product to look like. However, the end result is rarely true to the initial design. I often feel frustrated by this; however, it’s clear from Kelley’s extremely simple cartoons that her designs also evolve as she gets into it. I think it’s often hard to know what something is going to look like until I get the materials next to each other and they advocate for themselves in some way. Thank you Kelley, I’m feeling better about my own plan/plan-going-sideways experiences!"

Pippa B

"Loved this class! The line structure possibilities is such an eye opener. What a simple way to just get started on a blank substrate. Thank you for offering this class."Rebecca H.

"Your course is so helpful and filled with knowledge and insights. You have this special gift to turn a fairly intimidating subject into something inviting and fun while being an amazing artist. Viewing and exploring your artwork was a special treat. Thank you." Regine F.

Your Instructor

Kelley Knickerbocker
Kelley Knickerbocker

Visual artist Kelley Knickerbocker left a 22-yr administrative career at the University of Washington in 2006 to found a mosaic studio (Rivenworks Mosaics, Seattle) and direct her accumulated skills in project management and planning toward designing/fabricating/installing mosaic artwork for public, commercial, residential and gallery environments.

Kelley’s ruggedly dimensional mosaics, in a broad range of materials, are a textural distillation of her fascination with contrast, material properties and the technical challenges of mosaic construction. Sharing that fascination and learning from other art makers are keys to the freshness of Kelley’s mosaic practice, and she travels extensively throughout North America speaking, collaborating and teaching in-depth workshops on mosaic style and technique.

Kelley’s fine art mosaic panels have been accepted to numerous national and international juried exhibitions, and many reside in private collections. She is an active member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists.

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