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Have you ever felt you were without that perfect piece of original jewelry? Now you can create your own piece of mosaic smalti jewelry, in your own space and at your own pace. World renowned mosaic artist and teacher Margo Anton walks you through the steps in this easy-to-follow tutorial for creating your own unique mosaic art jewelry. Margo provides a PDF document of the resources and materials she uses, which allows every student to acquire all the materials necessary to have a successful experience. Margo shares all her tips, tricks, and techniques on how to choose the right bezel and Italian smalti. She also teaches students how to create a simple design of smalti pieces which will fit evenly in adhesive. This technique will help preserve this one-of-a-kind piece and help it last forever.

You will be astonished at how easy this process is. Margo teaches this workshop all over the world, and now you can learn in your own studio. If you cannot make it to an “in person”workshop, you can watch Margo in your own space. With the ability to stop and start at your own leisure, you will create your own Mosaic Smalti Jewelry in no time. Watch the preview for FREE and see the tools and materials it takes to create this unique one of a kind piece of mosaic art. Included in this online course is a printable PDF with a full resource list of all the tools and materials necessary to complete this project. Have fun!

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Margo Anton
Margo Anton

Just how does someone become a nomadic artist? One's journeys in life often take a rather circuitous route, and mine are no exception. I can probably say this journey began at age 12 when I formed my first company, margOrigami, creating and selling origami earrings.

Fast forward to 1994 and a backpacking trip to Europe that instilled a love of the arts in me. Two years later, I was back to Italy, on an archaeological dig that saw me digging down to mosaics. The travel continued, but a couple years later, I transferred from Classics at university into Commerce.

My stint in the corporate world lasted all of three months, and to say I ran screaming would be understatement. I knew I needed to be doing something creative with my life, and set about figuring out what that might be. My mind eventually came back to mosaic, a dredging up of my Classics past. Was anyone still doing that?

Turned out lots of people were. I researched the field for months before diving in, and from the moment I picked up mosaic cutters for the first time, I was hooked. Within a year I formed my mosaic company, and began teaching classes a year later.

Mosaic also brought travel back into my life after a 5 year hiatus. I found myself headed to a mosaic conference every year hosted by the Society of American Mosaic Artists. Eventually I formed an online mosaic supply retail shop, Mosaic Outpost which I had for about 6 years.

In 2009, I started a new project designed to get my butt back in the studio regularly. The Mosaic a Day blog was the vehicle by which I began creating a small mosaic, five days a week, and sharing it with the world. This blog has ultimately become the showcase for my jewelry AND my travels.

In late April 2014, after a personally difficult couple of years, I sold my house and teaching studio, packed up all my belongings, and decided to travel. No mosaics for me for three months...I needed a break from everything. But mosaic found me whether I wanted it or not. Within 6 weeks, I was busy working on a table top commission in Greece, getting sunstroke and having my skin fall off my fingers from the dodgy, caustic cement. But I was happy. And I did not want to stop travelling.

Returning to my native Canada, I sold all my belongings out of my storage unit (please avoid this at all costs) and went back on the road. I house sat, taught workshops, and always made sure I had somewhere to use as a nomadic studio. I started looking at what was really essential to continue what I do. After several tries, I whittled down my work travel kit to about 7kg (15lbs) of gear. It fits in half of a carry on size suitcase.

I now travel, teach workshops where I can, and occasionally plant for 2-3 months to get some proper work done. I make mostly mosaic jewelry these days. I travel with about 25kg (55lbs) of belongings. I’ve taught in 4 countries, displayed work in 4, and made mosaics in 7. I have friends all over the globe. I haven't had a permanent residence in over a year and a half. I’m drinking a beer in Malaysia as I write this, and I think there are 4 different currencies in my purse. It’s not the life for everyone, but I’ve created it through a crazy journey that I wouldn’t change for a second, and I love it.

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