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In these three courses you will have the most in-depth instruction from Rachel as she walks you through all the steps to creating her version of "Intuitive Malmischiato 1 & 2" and then how to discover new and unique "frames" for your Malmischiato in her course "The Uncommon Canvas". Read below for descriptions to all three courses. You will save 15% when purchasing this Bundled option.

Intuitive Malmischiato 1.0 is a revolutionary technique that blends the mystery of classical Italian micro mosaic making with the innovation of the contemporary mosaic movement of the here and now. Malmischiato, which translates from the Italian, to badly mixed, or poorly mixed gives the artist infinite power to mix color inside very small pieces of tesserae.
This is the first course at Mosaic Arts Online to teach the making of filati, the long, thin, threads of glass that become the smallest increment that a mosaic tesserae can be. Join Rachel Sager as she leads you down the rabbit hole of flamework, which simply means heating smalti with a torch until it becomes viscous and pliable.

One of the constraints built into the medium of mosaic has always been that the pieces of things, whether they be stone or glass or ceramic, are inert. Color mixing in our medium has been and is normally achieved, within the composition by placement of tesserae. This placement creates the illusion of color shading and color mixing to the eye. With Intuitive Malmischiato, you be able to transcend this limitation.

This color mixing is achieved by changing the very nature of smalti through fire with a simple and easy to use torch. You will learn tips and tricks of torch etiquette and safety. I will lead you through the steps of flamework, which simply means melting and manipulating glass with the torch.

In this modern world, we don’t need fire, but we are instinctually attracted to it. This course will tap into your fire memory and help you to turn that attraction into art. You will learn how to intuitively pull the long threads to create your own filati and malmischiato.

If you don’t have access to a torch, this course can still be a great introduction to working with filati and I will share with you how to cut, lay, and create micro mosaic with Apoxie Sculpt.


Intuitive Malmischiato 2.0 builds on the original Intuitive Malmischiato 1.0 and introduces you to another layer of flame work. With the torch, the crucible and a few simple hand tools, I will take you step by step into the magic of subtle color mixing. From the simple color mixing of 1.0, we now move into more precise recipes.

Using some of her mosaics as inspiration, Rachel will share the secrets of building movement into color. A piece she has created called The Revelator has been described as “an undulating, organic quilt of color.”

The Inside Out Canoe is an example of a more controlled gradient of color mixing.

Smalti will be your raw material. Starting with a small mountain of smalti, we will carefully create color recipes in the crucible that will be the building blocks, or should we say the building threads of a small composition of handmade filati. Intuitive Malmischiato 2.0 stands apart from 1.0 in the careful color mixing. It teaches you how to look at colors like items in your recipe that get thrown into the pot to become something else entirely.

You will watch Rachel work, in real time, as she creates a 4” x 4” abstract color wash. From the first step of choosing the colors, to the torch work, through the cutting of threads, all the steps until the tiny tesserae are sunk into their apoxie sculpt beds.
Build on the skills you learn in Intuitive Malmischiato 1.0 and take color mixing to higher level. Once you have some experience with flamework of 1.0, Rachel will introduce more nuanced and developed mixes that can then be used as elements in larger mosaics or showcased in their own tiny ways.

A few simple tools, materials and you will be ready to start building your library. We will be using apoxie sculpt as our adhesive and a hand-held torch.

Making your own filati is a brilliant way to turn leftovers into art. One of the extra bonuses of this technique is that you will never need to sweep your shards of smalti into the dustbin again. Making your own Intuitive Malmischiato will turn you into the ultimate recycling artist. It’s not just about jewelry anymore. This technique can be showcased on its own in jewelry, micro mosaic substrates or incorporated into your larger mosaic compositions. Your imagination is your only limitation.


The Uncommon Canvas

Spend some quality time with Rachel Sager as she leads you down another path less traveled, this time in the form of a new kind of canvas. Instead of hunting for the pieces of things, Rachel will show you the ways to hunt for vessels in which to put your pieces of things.

Learn to see the mosaic frame in a whole new way. This online course, which Rachel describes as a dessert course, is crafted for the "nontraditional" micro mosaic in particular but can be adapted for any size of mosaic tesserae. Learn to modify all kinds of unique items into vessels for filati and malmischiato. Rachel shares many of her quirky secrets to working with copper, shells, found objects, and even spoons in this eye-opening course.

Working with these materials is certainly not just for jewelry. It can be incorporated into larger scale mosaics and even non-mosaic art. This refreshingly simple time spent learning about creating your very own Uncommon Canvases will add a vibrant layer to your mosaic practice. Apoxie sculpt is used throughout and is a key to introducing this freedom of the uncommon into your studio.

This course will be perfect for beginners in that all the project ideas are very small scale and use only simple hand tools. And it's also great for more seasoned artists looking for a fresh perspective and some finer techniques.

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Rachel Sager
Rachel Sager

-- Rachel Sager: Artist. Teacher. Speaker. Writer. Rachel works on the cutting edge of the contemporary mosaic fine art movement—her innovative work has been represented in cities throughout the US and internationally, and has been awarded multiple bests of show in juried exhibitions. Her Marcellus Shale Series stands as a true Pittsburgh success story, and her work is collected with passion by private clients and corporations all over the world. Rachel’s commitment to the classical language of mosaic paired with her intuitive andamento style has shaped a strong voice in the mosaic world. She brings these classical techniques home to the “here and now” of the present American mosaic movement. Rachel proudly hails from the foothills of Appalachia and passionately preserves her storytelling, hillbilly roots as she weaves the colorful tales of family, nature, self-reliance, humor, and the legacy of coal through the lens of mosaic. Whether she is digging into the earth of her native Pennsylvania or traveling the world as a teacher and speaker, her mission to “build the line” in mosaic continues to inspire new generations of mosaicists. http://www.rachelsagermosaics.com

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The Uncommon Canvas with Rachel Sager
What happens when your canvas is as interesting as your art?
Rachel Sager
Intuitive Malmischiato 1.0 with Rachel Sager
Build Your Own Custom Filati Library
Rachel Sager
Intuitive Malmischiato 2.0 with Rachel Sager
More Heat, More Fun!
Rachel Sager

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